New guidelines from Apple make it possible for companies such as Google and Microsoft to offer their game streaming services in the App Store.

A spokesman for the tech giant tells



Gaming services such as Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate let users stream games from the cloud to a smartphone, tablet or other device.

Apple did not allow the apps, so the services could only be used on Android phones.

New rules offer a compromise for the apps.

Game streaming is now permitted in the App Store, provided that developers create separate apps for each game that is offered.

These smaller apps contain the streaming technology of, for example, Stadia or Game Pass and start a game immediately.

Separate apps

The app makers are then allowed to create a separate app that bundles all individual game apps so that users can find them in one place.

The new rules ensure that Apple can still individually assess each game before it appears in the App Store.

It is still unclear whether game streaming services will also use the Apple approach.

It would mean that a separate app must be approved for each game, while on Android they only need to create one app.

Abuse of power

With that, Apple is partially yielding to the recent criticism of the App Store.

There are several investigations worldwide into the software store, looking at whether there is an abuse of power.

Spotify previously complained that Apple charges an unreasonably large commission from all purchases from an iOS app.

That while the company's own music service is not bothered by this.


The makers of Fortnite recently went to court because their game is not allowed to use a payment system outside of Apple.

The company added this to make a point, after which the game was deleted from the App Store.

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