The UFC-Que Choisir filed a complaint Thursday against Samsung for "deceptive marketing practices".

The consumer defense association believes that the group has not kept its commitments, especially on working conditions in the factories of some of its suppliers.

The UFC-Que Choisir attacks Samsung.

The consumer defense association filed a complaint Thursday against the South Korean electronics giant and its French subsidiary before the Paris Judicial Court, for "deceptive commercial practices".

The UFC denounces in particular the gap between the speeches of Samsung and the reality of its production chain.

Indeed, NGOs and journalists have noted serious shortcomings in several factories of certain suppliers, in particular in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in China.

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"Overwhelming findings" and "inhuman conditions" at Samsung suppliers

On its site, Samsung claims to respect international standards in terms of human rights, working conditions and minerals extracted in countries at war.

A display contradicted by "overwhelming findings" from NGOs and journalists who reported shortcomings with Samsung suppliers, making their workforce work in "inhuman" conditions.

These surveys point the finger in particular to child labor in mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or even hellish rates and forced labor by minorities in China.

Ethics, a real selling point

For Gwénaëlle Lejeune, lawyer at UFC-Que-Choose, this double talk constitutes a deception for consumers.

"Ethics is more and more a selling point, we must not be mistaken. Otherwise, manufacturers would never launch into declarations on their website and in the context of their communication, on values ​​that 'they could advocate, "said the lawyer.

"Consumers are increasingly orienting their choice because of considerations which are not necessarily linked to the characteristics of the product and to the price alone. Working conditions, environmental production conditions can influence the choice", assures Gwénaëlle The young.

With this complaint, filed with the Paris Judicial Court, the UFC-Que-Choose hopes to increase the pressure on Samsung, already targeted by two similar complaints from the NGO Sherpa.