From 2010, Rachida Dati was employed by Renault, which paid her 900,000 euros.

But this money questions the Justice, who suspects an abnormal contract, even illegal, and perhaps a fictitious job.

Journalist at the "World", Fabrice Lhomme investigated and returns, at the microphone of Europe 1, on the gray areas of this file.


Justice has been investigating for several months the 900,000 euros paid, from 2010, by the Dutch subsidiary of Renault-Nissan to Rachida Dati, for an advisory service to the former CEO of the group, Carlos Ghosn.


Le Monde

, Fabrice Lhomme and Gérard Davet have also investigated and revealed this Thursday important elements of the case.

Guest from Europe at noon, the journalist Fabrice Lhomme returned to the points that question the magistrates.

According to him, there is "a double problem" with the contract signed by Rachida Dati. 


 Ghosn case: an investigation opened after a complaint against Rachida Dati and Alain Bauer

Evidence of the work done by Rachida Dati is lacking

"A lot of things are missing", begins Fabrice Lhomme.

"The police officers, mandated by three investigating judges, are looking for documents that would attest to the work for which Ms. Dati was paid significantly," he explains.

"There is therefore a doubt about the reality of the services provided", continues the journalist, who explains that "few traces of the missions for which she would have fulfilled in accordance with her contract" were found. 

MEP, she couldn't be a lobbyist at the same time

Second problem: the status of Rachida Dati.

When the contract was signed (2009), the former Minister of Justice had just been elected MEP.

“We see her intervening in favor of Renault but more as a lobbyist than as a lawyer or a consultant,” explains Fabrice Lhomme.

However, "this lobbyist work is prohibited for any parliamentarian," he recalls.

A contract signed "in an opaque and abnormal manner"

Above all, "they signed the agreement when this is not normally possible," says the investigator of 

Le Monde. 

Although Rachida Dati was remunerated from 2010 by Renault, the contract was signed in 2009. "We obtained an email in which an employee of Carlos Ghosn wonders and asks' how we are going to pay Rachida Dati ? '", relates Fabrice Lhomme.

Because at the time, the current mayor of the seventh arrondissement of Paris was not a lawyer.

"We can see that it was done in an opaque and abnormal way", slips the journalist. 

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Abnormally high remuneration?

Finally, the importance of the sums paid to Rachida Dati, who demanded a remuneration of 1,000 euros per hour, questions the Justice.

According to the journalist from 

Le Monde

, there is "a contrast between the size of the sums that are paid and the weakness of the apparent benefits".

A contrast which "obviously disturbs the investigators", explains Fabrice Lhomme.

Asked in October 2020 on the subject during 

the Great Rendezvous

on Europe 1, Rachida Dati had indicated that "these figures were false".

"Rachida Dati must be able to defend herself"

With all these elements, the judges suspect a use of convenience and facts that could relate to influence peddling and passive corruption.

The investigations intensified this week but Rachida Dati has not yet been heard.

However, his hearing is "now mandatory", explains Fabrice Lhomme, who in his investigation granted an interview to the lawyer for the former Minister of Justice, Maître Olivier Pardo.

"There are many elements that implicate her and she must be able to defend herself," admits the journalist.

"This judicial appointment will necessarily take place in a more or less short time."