The Ministry of Justice has issued a prosecutor of Ulsan District Prosecutors' Office, Lim Eun-jung, who accused former and current prosecutors of their job abandonment, as the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor Lim is a person who has strongly insisted on reforming the prosecution, and is also criticized for being a political prosecutor who is biased against the current passport.

The Ministry of Justice said today (10th) that it had appointed Chief Prosecutor Lim as the Supreme Prosecutors' Office of Policy Research on the 14th.

At the time of the regular personnel affairs held on the 27th of last month, the Ministry of Justice has not issued an order due to concerns of internal and external opposition to the prosecution.

The prosecutors are criticizing whether there is a reason to pay them separately, if they were to be given a proud greeting, they should have been together during regular greetings.

The Supreme Prosecutor's Office said there was no official position to disclose such personnel from the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice said, "We expect to contribute to the realization of a trusted prosecution award by strengthening fair and transparent inspections."

Chief Prosecutor Lim will work under the direction of Prosecutors General Dong-soo Han, who has established a confrontation with Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol.

Prosecutor Lim criticized senior prosecutors' officials and criticized former Gwangju District Prosecutor's Office Moon Chan-seok, who resigned, as "a cunning prosecutor in trouble."

Regarding the fact that the prosecutor of the Busan District Prosecutor's Office in 2016 handled the case by falsifying the complaint filed by the complaint in the process of handling the case, Prosecutor Lim argued that the former prosecutor general, Kim Soo-nam, and others had neglected the case. The prosecution officers were accused, and the case was not charged.

Inside the prosecution, there are concerns about the appointment of the Chief Prosecutor Lim, saying, "I see the prosecution organization only as the subject of reform in terms of my own standards, and I do not know whether there will be fair inspection work."

(Photo = Yonhap News)