Medical students are still rejecting the national examination for doctors, while university doctors are continuing to return to treatment.

Chairman of the Doctor's Association, Choi Dae-jip, released'Written to Young Doctors' and said the issue of relief for medical students should be resolved politically.

This is Choi Ho-won.

<Reporter> In

an online letter, the president of the Korean Medical Association said, "We lacked communication in the process of consensus with the government."

Regarding the remedy for medical students who refused the doctor's national examination, he said, "a problem to be solved politically," and "the government and the ruling party cannot promise in writing."

Chairman Choi emphasized, "For the protection of students and majors, Lee Nak-yeon, together with the Democratic Party representative, promised to'do our best for a solution'," and insisted that "to demand the fulfillment of the promise, we need to mobilize around the medical agreement."

The Ministry of Health and Welfare said yesterday (8th) and today there are no measures to rescue medical students who refused the national examination.

[Song Young-rae/Spokesman of the Ministry of Health and Welfare: So far, (medical students) have not received any official opinion that they will take the national exam.

In this situation, it is considered that the necessity of discussing whether to provide additional opportunities for national examinations is not necessary.] The

government also recruits interns, ie, trainees and specialists, in addition to majors, greatly increasing the recruitment of military doctors and public health next year. I predicted that there would be no trouble.

In the meantime, in a survey of medical students at Seoul National University, more than 70% of respondents said that group action should be stopped.

The medical school and medical school student associations, which have rejected the national examination, have yet to come up with an additional position.