The cumulative corona 19 confirmed number exceeded 20,000.

The number of confirmed cases that occurred two weeks after the August 15th Gwanghwamun rally last month is 13 times that of those two weeks before that.

On the day of the meeting in Gwanghwamun, Pastor Kwang-hoon Jeon of Sarangjeil Church was advised to self-isolate, but ignored it and gave a speech without wearing a mask.

About 1,000 confirmed cases related to Sarang First Church.

In Incheon and Daejeon, more and more churches are practicing face-to-face worship in violation of the government's quarantine guidelines.

The peculiarity of this outbreak is that there are many N-th order infections from churches, and there are many patients whose infection route is unclear.

Nearly 30% of confirmed cases were found to be difficult to determine the route of infection.

In addition, more than 70% of domestic confirmed cases are infected with mutated GH-type virus, which has 6 times higher transmission power than the existing virus.

Experts warn that if the current spread is not caught, the number of patients can rapidly increase this fall and winter.

The International Vaccine Institute says that even if a vaccine is developed at the end of this year or early next year, it may take 3 to 5 years for the vaccination to be completed.

According to a UK study, more than 60% of patients recovering from COVID-19 suffer from side effects such as fatigue and lethargy even after discharge.

In Korea, even though it has been half a year after cure, patients with so-called'Brain Fog' symptoms that are vague and difficult to remember and concentrate as if there is fog on their head are following.

This week's <News Story> will focus on the status of N-th infection from the church, so-called asymptomatic,'blinking' infection, the progress of vaccine development, and the status of sequelae.