Developers of iPhone apps do not need to request permission to track a user's device through a unique code until 2021.

Apple has postponed this mandatory privacy change, which actually took place in the fall with the arrival of iOS 14, the software for iPhones, until "early next year".

Facebook warned in late August that this change would have "serious consequences" for online advertisers.

Because many iPhone owners are likely to deny permission, advertisers are much less able to get their message across to specific people they want to reach.

App developers will still be able to request permission for these types of tracking once iOS 14 releases this fall, but Apple won't make the feature mandatory until early 2021.

The company says it wants to give developers more time in this way to adjust their working method.

Apple offers a new advertising system that the company says is more privacy-friendly for users because it doesn't share detailed information about people.

Advertisers fear that this will cause them to miss out on turnover.