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were 1,139 confirmed cases related to the Sarangjeil Church in Seoul yesterday (3rd), with 22 more.

However, Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon is still in the position that the church is not responsible. Gyeonggi-do visited the church yesterday and charged 20 members who were not tested.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon reports.


Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon, who criticized President Moon Jae-in by holding a press conference right after he was discharged yesterday, expressed displeasure at the seizure and search for the Sarang First Church through a lawyer yesterday.

[Attorney Kang Yeon-jae / Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon Attorney: President Moon Jae-in said he was Mr. Jeon Kwang-hoon and said, "It's a red hatch."

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former pastor has argued that linking the church to the spread of Corona 19 is fake news and defamation.

[Gangyeonjae lawyers / jeongwanghun pastors counsel: like love First Church is more than people diagnosed Self cloth spread yet they are only one also do not agree on what to say, as spread is blamed for Corona infection Now

that revolve around the recent Internet He stated that there has been no discussion about the holding of the National Foundation Day assembly.

[Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon's side: (Is there a meeting scheduled for October 3rd?) You're still going too far for that.

No schedule has been set up internally yet.


Gyeonggi-do visited Sarang Jeil Church on the 7th of last month for worship or small groups, but accused the police of 20 Gyeonggi-do citizens who had not yet been tested.