Typhoon No. 9'Mysak' left the Korean peninsula, leaving a big scar on the southern and east coasts.

Dozens of people were displaced as they shook and collapsed in the storm, and damage to over 1,500 facilities was reported.

From now on, the 8 o'clock news will provide detailed information on the damage situation overnight and the upcoming typhoon.

First, reporter Kang Min-woo took a helicopter and looked around the victim site in Busan.


Gamman Pier in Busan Port, swept by typhoon Mysak.

Dozens of containers weighing over a few tons are scattered around like toy blocks.

He used heavy equipment to recover, but the work has never been finished.

In the parking lot under the nearby Busan Port Bridge, the pavement is damaged and debris is scattered here and there.

It gauges the power of strong winds and waves that hit the port.

Haeundae is filled with skyscrapers.

The work of repairing windows that have been broken by strong winds is in full swing.

In the early morning of today (3rd) in Saha-gu, Busan, a woman in her 60s was killed by a broken window.

Garbage and soil flowed into the road near Gamcheon Port.

Garbage from heavy rain and strong wind piled up along the road.

Typhoon Mysak #9 killed 2 people and injured 3 people in Busan.

(Video coverage: Jung Sang-bo, video editing: Park Jin-hoon, helicopter control: Min Byeong-ho)