Facebook will block new political ads a week before the US presidential election later this year.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg writes in a message that he hopes that the election will be fairer through this measure.

Until now, Facebook has refused to block political ads, where other platforms like Twitter have.

In his message, Zuckerberg writes that these are uncertain times and that disinformation does not help.

By not allowing new political ads on Facebook one week before the elections, false information can no longer be spread.

All advertisements that are still displayed have been checked by Facebook and fact checkers.

This means that users of Facebook will still see advertisements in the week before the elections, but that they have been checked by Facebook and no longer contain false information.

This means that the measures of Facebook go less far than those of other social media.

In addition to this measure, Zuckerberg announces a number of other actions.

For example, fake news messages stating that you can get COVID-19 if you vote are immediately removed.

In addition, posts questioning the legitimacy of the election are tagged after the election, to alert people that the post may contain fake news.

Facebook will also monitor whether a candidate and campaign teams claim victory before all votes are in.

These messages will then be tagged with a link to the official results.

Presidential elections in the United States will take place on November 3, 2020.