Mercedes unveiled the new S-Class on Wednesday.

When presenting a new S-Class, the brand usually shares numerous innovations, which are only available on other models at a later date.

This allows the car to project traffic signs and warning signals onto the road in the dark.

It should also be possible to drive the S-Class itself in the middle of next year.

With the optional Drive Pilot system, the new Mercedes S-Class can drive independently at level 3, the third level of the five steps towards fully autonomous vehicles.

According to the brand, this should be possible on certain motorway routes in Germany in the second half of next year.

Mercedes promises that you as a driver can then use the internet while driving.

Automatic in and out of parking with the smartphone is now even easier thanks to additional sensors and a steering rear axle.

According to Mercedes, the new S-Class is also technically ready to park itself in parking garages equipped with Automated Valet Parking infrastructure.

In addition, the brand is high on the new so-called head-up display, which projects information on the windscreen.

The more expensive version can virtually project animated turn-off arrows onto the road, so you know exactly where to turn.

The headlights of the new S-Class can also provide much more than just light output.

People on the side of the road that you cannot see as a driver are being lit.

Also, the headlights can project an excavator onto the road if there are road works ahead.

The same applies to stop signs, for example.

As can be seen here, the rear wheels can steer.

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

Order books will open later this month

The new Mercedes S-Class measures 5.18 meters in length and 1.95 meters in width, making the car a fraction larger than its predecessor.

The S-Class will initially be available with six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

The petrol engines are equipped with mild hybrid technology.

A V8 engine with the same electrical assistance will follow later and a version with a plug-in hybrid powertrain will follow in 2021.

This allows you to drive fully electrically up to 100 kilometers, according to Mercedes.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class can be ordered in Germany later this month.

The model will appear on the market in December.

The release in the United States and China is planned for February 2021.

Prices are not yet known.

The Mercedes interior is characterized by large screens.

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

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