Busan, where the typhoon landed, literally had a nightmare-like night.

The entire city was swept away by the wind and the exterior walls of the building were torn off, while in one apartment, 60s were injured by broken windows and died of excessive bleeding.

Reporter Jung Ki-hyung of KNN covered the damage situation.

<Reporter> The

steel shutter of the shopping mall is torn off.

Debris flies here and there, and water tanks roll around the road.

The sign fell in the middle of the road.

Before the landing of Typhoon Mysak, Busan has already turned into a battlefield.

It is 1 am when the typhoon has not even approached Busan.

Several thick branches are broken, and signs are scattered around.

Iron shutters tear like sheets of paper and roll on the road.

The windshield of the reporter's car was broken by the flying stones.

The banner blown by the wind gets caught in the power pole and burns out with a loud noise.

The crane at the apartment construction site fell, and the building wall material fell to the floor with a roar.

[(Where did you fall?) from above.] It

is Marine City at around 2:20 when Mysak landed in Busan.

A strong rain and wind raged and street trees were pulled out.

The rain and wind are hard to control.

The whole street trees are pulled out, and stones and debris that do not know where they come from keep flying.

There was also a series of casualties.

A 67-year-old woman died from excessive bleeding from a broken window in an apartment in Saha Ward.

I was trying to put a tape on the swaying glass window, but it was reported that the reception was delayed due to the burst of 119 calls.

A woman in her 40s, drowned in a river by the wind while trying to pick up her belongings, was rescued, and the injured one after another.

About 300 damages were dispatched from the Busan Fire Department, and more than 1,50 reports were received by the police, and more damage is expected to be confirmed as the day dawns.