Whether Corona 19 spreads more or stops it depends on this week.

It is a week when you have to give up your daily routine for a while even if it is very uncomfortable to return to your daily routine.

As we say the best way to join forces is to disperse, now is the time to stay a little further and be more careful.

The number of additional confirmed cases per day is 248, which has decreased a bit since last Friday, but I still can't rest my mind.

Health officials have urged, even if painful, to finish step 2.5 in short and bold by this Sunday, September 6.

The first news, this is Han Ji-yeon.


Today (31st), the second day of the implementation of the 2.5th step of social distancing, citizens generally expressed sympathy for the reinforced step 2 of distancing while complaining of some inconvenience.

[Soojin Cho/Jung-gu, Seoul: Even if many people are uncomfortable, drinking inside is a bit of a risk of spreading, so I would like everyone to protect it.] The

quarantine authorities


that this action, accompanied by pain and inconvenience, can lead to a reversal of the people for the next week. He appealed for active participation in distancing.

[Eun-kyung Jung/Director of Disease Control: The reinforced two-stage social distancing must be completed in a thick and short manner to achieve the effect of quarantine and to reduce the damage to a minimum.] Be

cautious about the trend of decreasing the number of new confirmed patients to 200. We evaluated that the putting effect was showing.

However, there are concerns that the capacity of epidemiological investigations is approaching the limit, with more than 20% of cases where simultaneous group infections are still continuing across the country and the route of infection for the last two weeks is unknown.

In particular, the number of gastric and severe patients more than doubled from last week is a big concern for the quarantine authorities.

Regarding some of the claims that the entire church in the metropolitan area should be tested, he drew a line saying that it is important to minimize contact and exposure through non-face-to-face worship.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video editing: Hwang Ji-young)  

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