It is known that a pastor of a church in Incheon said that it is God's judgment that people die from Corona 19.

He also advocated face-to-face worship where people gathered together to worship, and 38 people, including the pastor who preached this kind of sermon, and their family members were confirmed.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae covered it. 

<Reporter> On the

29th of last month, the church service of the Lord in Incheon.

Pastor A, who goes to the sermon, continues his absurd remark.

[Pastor A (29th of last month): A coronavirus epidemic came out and countless people died, so it's a pity, but God judged it.

God warned me.]

Until this night, 300 people died only in Korea due to Corona 19, and it is God's judgment.

Talk like encouraging face-to-face worship, or

[Pastor A: (Jesus) wants to meet face-to-face, but please do so.]

Electronic directory information leaks to China and claims that vaccines manipulate people.

[Pastor A: You have a QR code.

Information is being transferred to China.

You can manipulate all human genes in a vaccine...


[Church officials: (online community, etc.) Let us pray without being swept away because there is such an absurd content.]

About a month after this sermon, this church attended a Gwanghwamun meeting. As a mediator, 38 people, including Pastor A, were tested positive.

The city of Incheon is considering criminal charges against two other churches that have been infected by group infections.

Yesterday in Seoul, 40 churches were caught violating the administrative order and compulsory face-to-face worship.

(Video editing: Kim Sun-tak, VJ: Lee Jun-young, screen source: The Lord's Church homepage)

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Simultaneous infection in 4 patients

▶ Doubles in patients with severe gastric disorders

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