Tomorrow (1st) is September. Originally, it is time to have classes for the second semester, but schools in the metropolitan area have closed since last week due to the coronavirus. However, some vocational high school students are still going on field training.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo pointed out whether the health and safety of those students are being properly maintained.


Group A, a sophomore at a vocational high school in Gyeonggi-do, is currently in self-quarantine.

Three days ago, a patient in a hospital who was on-site training was confirmed to be corona19, because this student, who measured the patients' body temperature or blood pressure, was classified as a contact of the confirmed case.

Since the 26th, the metropolitan area has been switched to remote classes except for high school 3, but group A continued to practice at the hospital.

[Group A/Vocational high school student: I was very anxious and would have been able to practice in a safe environment if I had to take a short break from the training when the order to stop school was given... .]

There is another case in Gyeonggi Province where the training was stopped due to a confirmed case in the hospital where the training went out.

The Ministry of Education believes that it is difficult to stop the practice altogether due to the nature of the vocational high school.

This is because most of the vocational high school curriculum requires practical activities, such as Group A, where 780 hours of practice are required for 3 years at a medical institution.

The problem is that during this process, trainees may be in the blind spot of quarantine.

[Group A/Vocational High School Student: (Suspicious) If you had told me in advance, I would have practiced with a mask, at least gloves, but until the day I was confirmed, I was wearing only one mask... .] In the

metropolitan area, there are 34,000 high school students who must practice on-the-job like Army A.

It is pointed out that if training activities are inevitable even with Corona 19, it is necessary to supplement the system to adjust the required training time according to the level of infectious disease epidemic.

(Video editing: Jang Hyun-ki, VJ: Oh Se-gwan)    

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