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number of new corona 19 confirmed in Korea was counted as 299. It has been below 300 in five days, but there is still sporadic group infections, such as a group infection occurring in a church in Daegu, so it is not a reliable situation.

Reporter Nam Joo-hyun on the report.


Of the 299 new confirmed cases, 283 are domestic patients excluding 16 foreign inflows.

By region, there were 203 confirmed cases in the metropolitan area alone, with 114 in Seoul, 77 in Gyeonggi, and 12 in Incheon, and confirmed cases were found in 16 provinces excluding Jeonbuk.

In Daegu, 30 people were tested positive, of which 29 are members of the Daegu Sarang Church, where group infection occurred.

The number of patients with severe and severe gastric disorders increased from 64 to 70 the previous day, and two patients who were being treated died, resulting in 323 cumulative deaths.

[Jun-wook Kwon/Deputy Head of Central Defense Response Headquarters: The number of deaths itself is likely to increase sooner or later, and the size of patients with gastric/severe

diseases is likely to increase ahead of that. We are concerned that the number of confirmed cases that are steep and difficult to know the route of infection are increasing rapidly.

As of yesterday (28th), 49 out of 125 new confirmed cases in Seoul are checking the route of infection.

Nearly 40% of confirmed cases are unknown where and how they were infected.

Increasing numbers of elderly patients with underlying medical conditions and susceptible to infection can lead to increased deaths.

Thorough social distancing and wearing a mask are important to minimize the cost of Corona 19.