In Daegu, the number of new corona19 confirmed patients recorded 30 in 152 days since April 1st.

Of these, 29 are members of the Dong-gu Sarang Church, including participants in the Gwanghwamun assembly.

Daegu City confirmed that this student attended the Gwanghwamun assembly with his parents on the 15th through an epidemiological investigation when a student from Daeryun Middle School, a member of the church, was tested positive.

Then, when a student's parents, a high school student's older sister, and a member of the church were positive, the entire list of 103 members was handed over to conduct a thorough investigation.

As a result, the number of confirmed members of this church has increased to 34 so far.

Of the 34 confirmed church members, 22 were found to have attended the Gwanghwamun meeting.

One of the confirmed cases unrelated to the church was confirmed as a caregiver at Dong-A Medi Hospital in Suseong-gu, where a radiologist was previously confirmed.

Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-jin said, "I urged the members of the Gwanghwamun assembly to refrain from attending the service for two weeks, but the Sarang Church had a face-to-face service on the 23rd and 26th and decided to take accusations against quarantine regulations, such as improper management of the list. "I said.