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were 323 new corona confirmed cases, and 308 new cases in Korea alone. It has not fallen below 300 for four consecutive days. There are three main worries about this. First of all, there are cases where the death toll is felt, but it goes beyond just being felt, and only after death, it is known that you have coronavirus. Second, the number of cases in which the confirmed person was unable to determine where and from whom it was caught increased by nearly 40%. Third, the number of severely ill patients is increasing, and hospitals and medical staff are getting more and more difficult. In the next 8 days, this trend must be cut off.

This is Kim Ki-tae.


The biggest risk factor pointed out by the quarantine authorities in the corona re-emergence phase is the rapid spread of infection, especially among the elderly, and the number of confirmed cases where it is difficult to know the route of infection is rapidly increasing.

The number of new confirmed cases in Seoul is still increasing, mainly in the metropolitan area.

Of these, 49 are still checking the route of infection.

Nearly 40% of confirmed cases are unknown where and how they were infected.

The death toll also increased to five.

One in their 90s and two in their 80s. All of them are older than their 60s, but the route of infection is unknown for three.

The two were confirmed to be infected with corona until after death.

Increasing numbers of elderly patients with underlying medical conditions and susceptibility to infection can lead to increased deaths.

[Jun-wook Kwon/Deputy Head of Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters: The number of deaths itself is likely to increase sooner or later, and the size of patients with gastric/severe

diseases may increase before that.] The number of patients surged more than five times from 12 to 64 10 days ago.

84% are elderly people in their 60s or older.

Hospital beds dedicated to infectious diseases have an operating rate of about 76%, which is somewhat marginal, but only 15 beds can be admitted immediately among the beds that can treat severe patients.

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