Facebook has sued an American man who sold fake Instagram likes and comments as part of a service that offered fake social media interaction. Facebook writes that on its blog.

The man used a network of bots and automation software to distribute fake likes, comments and followers. He sold these interactions to users through various websites.

“We had previously disabled accounts linked to the man,” Facebook writes. "We also formally warned him that he was acting in violation of our rules."

'Another company collected a lot of user data'

Facebook also sued a Brit who is behind the company MobiBurn. According to Facebook, this company paid other developers to put rogue software in their apps, which "collected a lot of user data from Facebook and other social media companies."

When people installed these apps, MobiBurn got their hands on names and email addresses, among other things. Facebook itself would not have been affected, but it was reached through software on users' phones to look up information.