Apple does not have to put Fortnite back in the App Store, a judge in California has ruled in a preliminary judgment Monday evening (local time). Epic Games, the company behind the popular shooter, went to court for removing the game from the iPhone app store for violating its rules.

Epic added its own payment system to Fortnite on August 13 . Players could thus buy extras for the popular shooting game outside of Apple. That was against the sore leg of Apple, which decided to remove Fortnite from its App Store.

With the attempt to use its own payment system, Epic has acted against the rules of Apple. Digital purchases from the company must go through Apple. Companies pay a commission of 30 percent per transaction, something Epic finds unreasonable.

Because of the violation, Apple also threatened to revoke Epic's developer license on August 28. That would mean that Epic would no longer be able to maintain its Unreal Engine platform, which also runs other games. Microsoft, which uses the Unreal Engine, stated that license revocation would be "disastrous."

However, the judge has ruled that Apple may not revoke the license. "Epic Games and Apple are free to sue each other, but their conflict should not cause havoc among bystanders," said the judge.

This is a preliminary ruling. In the final judgment, the court's decision may turn out differently.

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