Amid a sharp decline in the volume of imports and exports at trade ports across the country last month, Incheon Port was found to be continuing a record-breaking march even in the midst of the Corona 19 incident.

This is reporter Hoseon Kim from the Incheon branch.

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container traffic volume of Incheon Port in the last month increased by 10.7% from the same month last year.

Based on the TEU, which represents one 20-foot container, it recorded 293,000 TEUs last month, continuing an increase following May and June this year.

It broke the record for the highest monthly volume of cargo for three consecutive months.

The volume of imports and exports handled by trade ports nationwide in the past month decreased by 17.2% compared to the same period last year, while only the port volume in Incheon is on the rise.

The container traffic volume at Incheon Port decreased continuously until March this year due to the aftermath of Corona 19, but turned to an increase in April.

[Jeong Won-jong/Incheon Port Corporation Cargo Marketing Team Leader: A total of 3 new services have been opened. It is analyzed that the stable operation of the US route, which had been suspended in May, had an effect.]

Incheon Port Authority is expecting to achieve 300,000 TEU within this year by strengthening services in Southeast Asia.


Incheon City Dongchun-dong Inline Roller Stadium will be built as an inline theme park by 2022.

Incheon City announced that it plans to renovate the Dongchun-dong Inline Roller Stadium at a cost of KRW 6 billion to create the nation's only inline theme park with a scale of 26,000 square meters.

The inline theme park is expected to be available all year round by expanding the roofing facility.

The city is scheduled to begin construction in May next year, starting with a design competition next month.