Doctors majoring in clinical training at a general hospital went on strike indefinitely from yesterday (21st) in opposition to the government's medical policy. The government has pressured that it is possible to issue an order to commence treatment, even with the cancellation of a doctor's license, if the order is violated.

This is Park Chan-beom reporter.


The interns and fourth-year residents of general hospitals nationwide went on strike indefinitely from yesterday.

Residents of the rest of the year are participating in denial of care today and tomorrow.

Substitute personnel were employed to avoid major confusion, but many patients complained of anxiety and discomfort as the surgery schedule was delayed.

[Family of patients who postpone surgery: Now there is no (cancer) metastasis, and if you operate quickly, it will help you heal faster, but I am very anxious.]

The Korean Medical Association held a second general strike for three days starting next Wednesday. Already announced.

[Maximum House/President of the Korean Medical Association: Essential functions such as delivery, emergency, critical care, etc. are maintained. It is the voluntary action of doctors, not because of someone's orders.] The

government has announced that it will withhold policies such as expanding medical school quotas if the medical community stops the strike and engages in dialogue.

However, it is a position that it will not accept the request of medical organizations to withdraw the policy first.

He also expressed his intention to issue an order to commence business in order to prevent damage to the public, but he explained that refusing this order could result in a cancellation of his doctor's license as it could lead to imprisonment or fines.

[Kim Kang-rip / Vice Minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare: It is difficult to justify for any reason to enforce a group closure that guarantees the life and safety of the people.] The

government and the medical community did not bend their stances. There is a growing concern about the realization of the riot.