Illustration of the Chinese Tiktok application. - AFP

The case came to light thanks to a video posted on Tik Tok. Chilean police announced at the weekend the arrest of a 61-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

The video, posted in mid-July on the Chinese social network, shows the girl's sister dancing in the center of the room in the foreground. With a movement of the camera, we then see the suspect lying on a bed next to the victim. Then in the background is filmed the moment when the sexagenarian attacks the teenager.

The video went viral

“This video appears on social media immediately after recording. It's a family context (…) the victim's sister records the video and uploads it to social networks, ”Francesco Ceballos, of the judicial police, told the press.

The detained man is the companion of the victim's maternal grandmother. He was arrested on Wednesday evening when the video, which has since gone viral, sparked criticism on social networks. The victim's father lodged a complaint a few days after the video was recorded.


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