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man in his 70s, who was tested for corona yesterday (19th) and was confirmed confirmed this morning, died while waiting for hospitalization.

Recently, as the number of patients in the metropolitan area increased rapidly, there were concerns about the lack of beds, but medical reporter Cho Dong-chan, a medical reporter for critically ill patients, reported.


This morning in Gyeonggi-do, a patient in her 70s, who was confirmed for Corona 19, died without receiving hospital treatment.

[Kwon Joon-wook/Director of National Institute of Health: (The deceased) was in a bad state from yesterday while waiting for hospitalization after confirmation and had an underlying disease... .]

There are six corona 19 critically ill beds at Asan Hospital in Seoul.

There are no corona 19 confirmed patients in this hospital, so it seems that all will be empty, but before the coronavirus is confirmed, 4 severely ill patients with symptoms are hospitalized.

[Park Yeon-soon/Seoul Asan Hospital Emergency Intensive Care Unit Chief Nurse: (People who are hospitalized) must enter the negative pressure room and start quarantine here because they are symptomatic.] Only

by checking the site, you can know the exact number of beds.

Health authorities have announced that there are 60 severely ill beds in Seoul, but as of today, 13 severe corona19 beds were identified by the Korean Academy of Critical Care in 14 university hospitals, National Medical Center, Seoul Medical Center, and 17 hospitals including Seoul National University Boramae Hospital. Only dogs.

[Hong Seok-Kyung/Corona Response Team of the Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine (Professor, Asan Medical Center, Seoul): As you can see, specialized personnel, equipment related to critical patients, and special facilities are required. Those things are not things that can be sorted out just because there is only a place within a day or two.]

Due to the nature of the high-risk group, which is significantly worse after 10 days of corona diagnosis, it is predicted that next week will be a hurricane.

[Kim Eui-Seok/Professor of Infectious Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital: The current condition is okay, but we need to select those people who may become severe in the near future and receive them in the medical institution.] After

transparently identifying the critically ill beds, the central center It was emphasized that there is an urgent need to prepare an intensive care transfer system that designates a base hospital by region in the control tower.

[Hong Seok-kyung/Corona Response Team of the Korean Academy of Critical Care (Professor, Asan Medical Center, Seoul): (Infection) Disaster is not treated by scattering patients, but collecting them in one place to minimize the possibility of infection.] The

health authorities and the medical community have effective measures for critically ill patients. The remaining time to make is at most a week or so.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Video editing: Park Seon)