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passenger in his 60s who hit a taxi driver asking for a mask on was caught by the police. It's been three months since the rules changed to always wear a mask when riding on public transport, but this is still happening.

Reporter Hwang Bo-Ram of KNN covered it alone.

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man in his 60s, who seems drunk at dawn, gets into a taxi.

To a man who doesn't wear a mask, the taxi driver tells him to wear a mask.

[You must wear a mask. (Yes, I'm sorry.) No. You can use it now.]

But after a while, the man kicks at the taxi driver in operation.

Then the driver pulls over and reports to the police, and the man begins to swear and brutally assault his face.

They even break their arms.

The reason for the assault was that the driver repeatedly demanded that the man wear the mask repeatedly.

[Damaged taxi driver: I wear a (mask) and take it off in less than 1 to 2 minutes, so I take it off and take it off. So I said,'Write on (mask)', and I told you to wear a mask twice... .]

From May 26th, the government mandated the wearing of masks on public transportation.

However, some passengers who violate this have caused problems, and related reports are being reported one after another, with over 400 police reports filed in Busan and Gyeongnam.

The police are planning to determine the level of punishment after investigating a man in his 60s who assaulted a taxi driver.

(Video coverage: Sungwook Jung KNN)