▲ Professor Kyung-Shim Chung, Dongyang University

Kim Gyeong-rok (38), a securities firm private banker (PB), who was convicted of hiding evidence such as a hard disk (HDD) of Professor Kyung-Shim Chung, the wife of former Justice Minister Cho Kook, testified that he committed the crime at the request of Professor Jeong.

Criminal Agreement Part 25-2 (Deputy Judge Lim Jeong-yeop, Kwon Seong-soo, Senior Judge Kim Sun-hee) called Kim as a witness of the prosecution at a trial against Professor Jeong on the 20th.

At the time of the prosecution's investigation, Mr. Kim stated, "Professor Jeong asked for a replacement of the hard disk, saying,'I want to replace it in preparation for the seizure and search.'

In the witness newspaper that day, the prosecution asked Kim, "Is it correct to state the truth in the prosecution's investigation?", and Mr. Kim replied, "I made the statement."

In addition, Mr. Kim explained that on August 28 of last year, at the home of former Minister Cho, Professor Jeong told him that he was "betrayed by the prosecution."

Then Professor Jeong asked Kim if he could disassemble the computer, saying, "We need to replace the hard disk because seizure and search may come in." Kim said, "I haven't done it, but I can do it." Is the description of.

Kim said that when he heard from Professor Jeong at the time, "Buy a hard disk because there is an electronic shopping mall near the South Terminal," he received Professor Jeong's card and bought and replaced the hard disk at the electronic shopping mall.

Most of Mr. Kim's testimony on this day was consistent with what he said at the prosecution's investigation stage, and the contents of his statement were previously disclosed at the first trial trial against Kim.

The prosecution seems to have reaffirmed Kim's statement in court in order to argue that Professor Jeong is not an accomplice in destroying evidence, but a teacher offender.

The charges that the prosecution applied to Professor Chung and former Minister Cho were teachers who concealed evidence.

Concealing evidence of one's criminal case cannot be legally charged, but letting others conceal the evidence can be a sin.

Accordingly, Professor Chung's lawyer is claiming innocence, saying that Professor Jeong is not a teacher who taught Kim to conceal evidence, but as an accomplice who concealed evidence jointly.

Kim was convicted of concealing evidence at the first trial and was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years probation, but the first trial court did not judge the relationship between Professor Jeong and Kim as an accomplice.

Meanwhile, Kim testified again that he had heard the words "Thank you for helping my wife" from former Minister Cho who returned home while trying to replace the hard disk at the trial that day.

Kim also ordered an SSD over the Internet so that Cho's son could replace the solid state drive (SSD), a type of storage device, and when asked the reason for the replacement, Cho's son said, "There is something embarrassing to others. "I explained that I answered.

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