In the midst of this, a nurse at Severance Hospital and a colleague who attended the Sarang First Church service on the 9th were confirmed. The nurse has been working in the hospital for a few more days after attending the service, so a thorough epidemiological investigation seems to be necessary.

This is Nam Joo-hyun.


A nurse in charge of examination at the Severance Hospital Ophthalmology Hospital in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul was confirmed yesterday (17th).

This nurse attended the Sarangjeil Church service on the 9th and worked at the hospital from the next day to the 14th.According to the quarantine authorities ordering all those who visited the church to be tested, the nurse was tested at the Severance Hospital screening clinic yesterday and trained in the late afternoon. It has been judged.

At the news of the nurse's confirmation, 125 people, including medical staff at the ophthalmology hospital, were examined, and only one additional nursing assistant was confirmed.

The hospital confirmed that the two used the same locker room and shared snacks together.

Since this nurse was asymptomatic, it is a rule to check the contact person from the 15th, two days before the date of the examination, but the health authorities are checking the movement of the nurse from the 10th and whether or not wearing a mask, taking into account that it is a university hospital with many patients. .

Severance Hospital, which decided to close the ophthalmology hospital until the epidemiological investigation was completed, opened a dedicated counseling line in consideration of the inconvenience of patients.

[Severance parties: (You are) gonna drill consult it as future medical resumption plans, offering to make adjustments deunga knocks again postponed a scheduled medical treatment according to the symptoms back]

Another nurse to use a changing room, such as the diagnosis and chairs 40 The women were tested negative, but were allowed to self-isolate for two weeks.

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