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As usual, Microsoft releases its monthly patch patch. For this August 2020 edition, Patch Tuesday will patch no less than 120 vulnerabilities within Windows. Seventeen of these are considered “critical,” the maximum level of severity for Microsoft.

And if the American company fixes these security breaches, it comes a little late for some. Two flaws were indeed identified and exploited by hackers long before Microsoft offered a fix. We speak of "zero-day" vulnerabilities in this case.

A loophole known to hackers

The first zero-day security flaw is found in the Windows operating system. By exploiting this bug, an ill-intentioned person could "bypass security devices and load badly signed files", specifies the Redmond firm, which would allow it to usurp an identity.

The second "zero-day" breach concerns Internet Explorer and more precisely its script engine. Kaspersky cybersecurity researchers have warned Microsoft that hackers have found a flaw that allows them to remotely execute code in Internet Explorer's script engine. The vulnerability also appears to be present in other native Microsoft applications, including the Office suite.

If Microsoft has confirmed that certain vulnerabilities had been exploited before the publication of patches, the American company does not share the technical details concerning them, in order to avoid making the job easier for hackers. Microsoft obviously invites its users to install the security patch of the month.


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