Domestic Corona 19 confirmed cases recorded three digits for four consecutive days. Since the 13th, there are 745 people, and I am very worried about how many people they have contacted before being confirmed. Infection from churches in the metropolitan area is already spreading nationwide. In addition, the so-called black-and-white infection, where the route of infection is unknown, appeared everywhere, and the Republic of Korea is now facing the crisis of a'second pandemic'.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun reports.


Of the 197 new confirmed cases, 188 confirmed cases in Korea, excluding foreign inflows.

Since the 14th, it has recorded 100 people for four consecutive days, showing a rapid spread.

In particular, 89 in Seoul, 67 in Gyeonggi and 7 in Incheon, most of which were concentrated in the metropolitan area.

In the case of confirmed cases in the metropolitan area, the effect of the church group infection is large.

The number of confirmed cases related to the Sarang First Church in Seoul increased to 319.

Of the 4,000 members of the church, 3,400 were quarantined, and 2,000 were examined.

As 16% of the people who have been tested are confirmed, rapid examination and quarantine is an urgent need.

As for Woori Jeil Church in Yongin, 131 have been confirmed so far, and the number of Paju Starbucks-related confirmed cases has increased to 42.

[Kim Kang-rip / Vice Minister of Health and Welfare: Group infections are occurring in various places such as churches, cafes, restaurants, and workplaces, and secondary infections are continuing in a series, so it is entering the initial stage of a large-scale re-emergence.]

The quarantine authorities are concerned that the spread is fast, and the outbreak is spreading not only to the metropolitan area but also across the country.

[Jung Eun-kyung/Director of Disease Control: The risk of infection is not limited to high-risk facilities, and the risk of anyone being exposed to corona infection is very high.] If the

current spread of infection continues, the quarantine authorities take measures to distance and prevent quarantine. It is a policy to be strengthened.