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Sarangjeil Church in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, had several confirmed cases and the church was closed. Along with this, a person who was confirmed confirmed in the Dongdaemun Market shopping district following Seoul Namdaemun Market came out.

This is reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


At Sarangjeil Church, 30 people were tested positive for three days after the first confirmed yesterday (12th).

The quarantine authorities decided to inspect all 1,800 people who visited the church from the 7th to yesterday.

The risk is that it rains last Sunday and more people gather than usual at indoor worship services.

[Park Yoomi/Seoul City Citizen Health Bureau Director: There is a part where almost all of the people who came to the parking lot because it rained, and they attended the service from the basement, so they were very close… .]

Sarangjeil Church is currently closed, but Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon is expected to hold a Liberation Day meeting tomorrow.

The city of Seoul, which has imposed a ban on all meetings in the city tomorrow, has also decided to block meetings on the 16th and 17th, where members of the church are likely to attend.

There were also confirmed cases in Dongdaemun Fashion Town Tongil Shopping Center.

Four people have been confirmed, including a couple and their families, a clothing wholesaler, and inspections are underway on more than 400 merchants.

The number of confirmed cases related to Lotteria employee meetings increased by 4 to 15.

Additional confirmed cases were three chicken house guests visited by the staff and their contacts.

In Paju, Gyeonggi-do, four of the Starbucks visitors to whom the confirmed patient stayed on the 8th were confirmed.

As Corona 19 spreads sporadically in churches, large shopping malls, restaurants, and coffee shops, the number of confirmed cases that the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Gyeonggi Province self-counted today was the most since the Corona 19 incident.

(Video coverage: Yoohyuk Yoo, video editing: Kim Jongmi)