Epic Games, the studio behind the popular game Fortnite , has developed its own payment system for mobile players, the company reports Thursday. In doing so, the studio bypasses the surcharge that Google and Apple charge for purchases in apps.

With the new payment system, Epic Games gives users the option to choose which payment system they want to use when buying digital goods: that of Apple or Google, or that of Epic Games itself. In the latter case, the user gets a "permanent discount" of 20 percent, Epic Games writes.

With its own payment system, Epic Games does not have to pay any commission to Apple and Google. The tech giants claim 30 percent of the revenue from device purchases. It's not clear how Epic Games gets around the Apple and Google payment system.

Epic Games has spoken out against the practices several times. When Fortnite appeared to Android users, Epic Games initially ignored the Google Play Store completely. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney also regularly speaks out against the surcharge in the App Store.

Apple has gone crazy. If colleges hold virtual classes through an iPhone app, Apple could demand 30% of the tuition. Truly, Apple has no right to take any percent of any company's revenue just because they made the phone people use to access the stuff. https://t.co/Pt2JlS4bvo

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App Store under attack

Apple's App Store is already under a magnifying glass. The European Commission is currently investigating whether Apple has an unfair competitive position with the App Store. Developers have to hand over 30 percent of the income from purchases that consumers make in apps to Apple.

Spotify last year complained to the European Commission about this "unfair" rule that Apple uses on its platform. Spotify is therefore at a disadvantage compared to the competing music service Apple Music, which does not have to pay the 30 percent allowance.