Apple has removed the popular game Fortnite from the AppStore after the developer included its own payment system that offered users the same virtual objects at a lower price than it charged using Apple's standard purchasing system.

With this system, Epic , the company that created Fortnite, would have managed to avoid the 30% commission that Apple imposes on all transactions that take place within the apps.

It is a solution, however, that Apple expressly prohibits within the rules of the AppStore. "Today, Epic has made the unfortunate decision to violate the rules that apply equally to all developers and are designed to safeguard the safety of users," Apple explained in a statement.

Epic decided to include this alternative without prior notice. When going to buy the virtual currencies that can be used in the game to buy various outfits and accessories for the characters, the V-Bucks , players were given the option to pay 9.99 euros for 1,000 v-bucks using the mechanism payment from Apple or 7.99 euros making a direct payment to Epic through us web. This new system required the user to provide their payment and credit card details to Epic.

Apple's decision comes at a difficult time for the company precisely because of the way it manages the AppStore. Apple is under investigation in Europe and the US for a possible abuse of a dominant position against third-party developers.

Apple allows apps to use third-party payment systems, but only with severe restrictions that include the obligation not to show direct links in apps to payment gateways or external websites.

Epic has announced that it will sue Apple

It is not the first time that the developed company of the game decides to go it alone, in any case. Fortnite was not available in the Google application store on Android precisely due to disagreements over the distribution of commissions. Finally, Epic gave its arm to twist and since last April it is possible to download Fortnite for Android in the Play Store .

Epic has also included today in the Android version the possibility of paying directly for V-Bucks using its payment system, but at the moment Google has not made the decision to block the app despite the fact that it also represents a violation of the conditions of the service.

On the Google platform, however, the ban was not so severe because saurians can install applications and games from third-party sources . The disappearance of the game from the AppStore, however, leaves iOS users with no alternative since it is not possible to install apps on iPhones or iPads in any other way.

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games of the moment, with more than 250 million players around the world. At any given time more than 10 million players can be active at the same time on Epic's servers. The game belongs to the genre known as Battle Royale , which pits all players against each other until only one remains.

Over time, however, Fortnite has evolved to also offer content unrelated to the core of the game. Singer Travis Scott , for example, gave a virtual concert on the platform in April that was followed by more than 12 million people.

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