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man who stole innocence at a funeral was caught by the police. They steal clothes from employees, sneak into them, and disappear, carrying a whole lot of injustice that cost tens of thousands of won. This image was captured in CCTV.

This is Sohee Han, reporter.


A funeral home in Sacheon, Gyeongnam at the dawn of the 5th.

A man wearing a hat pressed enters the office, looks around, and puts on an employee's clothes hanging from a chair.

This man goes straight to the murmur.

It looks to see if the sleeper woke up, and then disappears with the whole injustice.

[Kang Eun-ju / Victim: I was in front of my grandmother Young-jung's picture, and it hasn't been five minutes since I was lying on the sofa. There were four or five or five or six, but it was so quiet that no one felt popular.]

After a bright day, an injustice was found in the bushes near the funeral home

. Hey, let's call the detective.] The

inside was empty.

The amount of damage estimated by the survivors is about 40 million won.

[Kang Eun-ju / Victim: I have to know the amount but who came, but I think that my grandmother will fall off at the end of the trip.] The

police who pursued a chase based on CCTV said this man in Sacheon at about 5 pm yesterday (12th) Caught.

In addition to theft of the funeral home, a man in his 30s was confirmed to have performed several thefts from last month to this month.

[Police officials: There are many things, going into a shopping mall, breaking a car glass, robbing a car, etc.] The

police applied for a warrant for arrest by applying the charges against the captured man for theft of invading buildings at night.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee)