On the 7th, in Seoul, an elementary school child was assaulted by his mother, and then he bleeds his nose and went to a convenience store with bare feet to ask for help.

About 10 am that day, the barefoot girl jumped into a convenience store in Seoul. I was bleeding badly and my hair was messy.

The child asked for help, saying, "My mother got drunk and choked her and hit her in the head."

Convenience store staff wiped the child's nosebleed, calmed the child with other customers, and kept the child until the police and 119 paramedics arrived.

Convenience store employee Yang Seon-ja said, "The child shed his nosebleed unspeakably," he said. "It became a blank and ran barefoot. It was a pity that the child's house was across the street, and that he ran barefoot even across the road." I told the situation.

A convenience store was also the place where a 9-year-old Changnyeong girl, who had escaped from the abuse of her parents in June, risked her life and escaped from her parents' abuse, filled her hungry stomach and told her about the damage, and this time it served as a refuge for the abused children.

The police will arrest the child's mother, meet the child being protected at a child welfare facility, and investigate the damage.

(Composition: Eul-sun Cho, Coverage: Ban-seok Jeong, Hye-won Cho, editor: Seung-yeon Park)