• Indictment: The Prosecutor's Office asks Torbe for seven years and seven months in prison for distributing child pornography
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  • Torbe.This is the king of Spanish porn accused of abusing a minor

Tik Tok , the application that allows you to create and share short videos, suspended Ignacio Allende Fernández's account, better known as Torbe, on Wednesday for "repeatedly breaking the Community Rules." The users of the platform at the time had started a complaint campaign on Change.org accusing him of "sexualizing girls" with his videos, and the application seems to have responded: "This account has been blocked . "

His alias, 'Torbe', has been viral on Twitter since Tuesday. Internet users echoed some of his videos on Tik Tok, in which you can see how the porn director reacts to videos of minors . "Mr. Torbe is not well," picks up a tweet. "Torbe uses Tik Tok videos to sexualize them," says another.

Critics with which Torbe himself does not agree. "Injustice" , denounces EL MUNDO. "He was trying to expose all those young people, who use the network to show themselves sexually and provoke." He defends that parents are not realizing what "really" happens in the social network, which is, in his opinion, "hypersexualized".

"I simply point to those videos and joke, let's say I laugh, and I show something that seems like nobody is willing to see . " What he complains about, and that according to him "nobody sees", is "that 13-year-old kids are given mobiles to expose themselves, to be an idiot, and nothing happens here, when the minors are the most protected" . They are "a lot of girls showing off in bikini or showing their butts to get followers. Can you explain this to me?"

The motives

Tik Tok has not specified the specific reason why Torbe's account has been blocked, and the only thing it has referred to is the breach of the "Community Rules". Although the truth is that, if we go to the annex where these guidelines are specified, there is a section that has to do with the "safety of minors" .

Capture of Torbe's account, suspended

One of the key points, and possible reason behind the complaints to close the account, is the following: "Content that shows sexual arousal with minors should not be published." And the next, not "content that shows sexual fetishes with minors".

"These rules are periodically updated to adapt to community behavior, mitigate emerging risks and ensure that TikTok is a safe place for creativity and fun," the platform itself assured EL MUNDO.

Jail petition

Critics of Torbe have also recalled on Twitter that the Madrid Prosecutor's Office presented last year an indictment against the porn film director asking for seven years and seven months in prison for the crimes of distribution of child pornography , possession of child pornography and Discovery and disclosure of secrets.

It is a high jail request, but lower than the one played during the investigation. The director, who spent almost six months in provisional prison in 2016 until he was released on bail, was charged with participating in a plot of trafficking in women and for sexual abuse of minors. The cause reached great public repercussion, and even affected the soccer players David de Gea and Iker Muniain.

Those lines of investigation did not advance, and the prosecution's accusation is limited to what happened between Torbe, two assistants and two minors.

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