The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has demanded a prison sentence of three years and a prison sentence of 28 months against two 28-year-old men from Deventer. They are suspected of WhatsApp fraud, posing as a friend of the victim.

The men are suspected of having looted around 82,000 euros between September 2019 and February 2020 via so-called friend-in-emergency fraud. At least 24 people were victims and transferred money.

In this form of fraud, perpetrators pose as an acquaintance of the victim. Then they say they are in need and need money quickly. After the money has been transferred, it is quickly absorbed by the perpetrators.

Victims of the men from Deventer paid amounts varying between 500 and more than 12,000 euros. The public prosecutor asked for prison sentences for money laundering, fraud and hacking and wants the suspects to pay back the victims.

A prohibited weapon was found in one of the two men. The other is also suspected of assault and burglary.

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