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Android users, beware: a fake WeTransfer application has been discovered on the Google Play Store. Online, this service can transfer up to 2 gigabytes of files. But the company is not at the origin of the app visible on the Android store.

The group has created an application, called Collect, which is used only to store and organize files. Developers therefore stepped into the breach and created WeTransfer - Android File Transfer. Developed by "Android Dev Transfer", the application features a logo similar to the official WeTransfer company, reports Numerama .

A harmless application

More than 10,000 downloads of this application have already been made. But the rating and the reviews are very bad. And for good reason: the application is actually useless. Once the app is open, the user is left on a page full of ads, that's all.

According to Grégoire Martin, specialist in advertising fraud interviewed by Numerama , the application presents no risk for users. “The app is only used for advertising fraud,” he explains. “It's just a useless app. In addition to the ads that appear directly, two large buttons on the screen launch full screen ads, one of which activates the smartphone's Wi-Fi.

Few gains for brands

Only the companies affected by these advertisements have to worry about. Certain brands are indeed known to the general public. It is fraud in the sense that there is no user engagement", continues Grégoire Martin.

Despite the number of downloads, brands earn little or no money thanks to this scheme. This Monday, WeTransfer announced that it was going to have this application removed. The profile of the developer in question should be banned from the Google Play Store.

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