The son of Lee Jang-han (68), chairman Chong Kun-dang, who was handed over to trial for secretly photographing and distributing a woman's body admitted to the court.

Judge Park Hyeon-sook, the sole criminal 22 of the Seoul Central District Court, held the first trial of Lee Mo (33), the eldest son of Chairman Lee, who was charged with violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (using cameras, etc.).

Today, Mr. Lee's lawyer said "I admit to all" of the prosecution's charges.

However, the lawyer said that some records had not been reviewed, and that he would agree to the evidence at the next trial.

Meanwhile, the prosecution said to the court that it would apply for some victims as witnesses, saying, "The victims' statements have been constantly changed."

After hearing the opinions of both sides, the judge decided to open a witness newspaper.

Lee is accused of uploading the video to the Social Network Service (SNS) after filming body parts without consent while having sex with multiple women in January and February.

Separately, Mr. Lee was recently handed over to the trial for drunk driving charges, and was sentenced to one year in prison and two years probation at the first trial, and is facing an appeal trial.

(Photo = Yonhap News)