An Australian employee of the BP oil company has been paid more than 200,000 Australian dollars (more than 122,500 euros) in salary not received since his unfair dismissal in January 2019. The man subtitled an excerpt from the war film Der Untergang about a salary negotiation at BP .

In the original, Adolf Hitler (played by Bruno Ganz) is furious when he learns that an SS general has not obeyed an order. Then he expresses the realization that Nazi Germany has lost the war.

For several years after the release of Der Untergang in 2004, parodies of the scene have been circulating on social media. Ganz's German-language text is provided with subtitles that usually contrast sharply with the seriousness of the Second World War.

In one of the most popular variants with a Dutch dubbing of the meme, Hitler responds to a plan for a company outing. In the parody - in which the shots of the scene have also been modified - Hitler disagrees with the proposal to go to the zoo and instead wants to bowl.

A video made by the BP employee cost him his job at a refinery some 35 kilometers from Perth, in southwestern Australia. BP called the video, which portrays Hitler as BP manager, "deeply offensive and inappropriate".

The Fair Work Commission ruled earlier this year that the employee had been unjustly sent home. Now the committee has also decided that the former employee is entitled to the salary he would have earned so far if he had been allowed to continue working. BP has announced that it is studying the judgment.