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heavy rain warning that was given to the metropolitan area has been lifted, and now the rain has stopped. However, Jamsu Bridge has been under control for ten days. Let's first look at the water level of the Han River and the traffic control situation in downtown Seoul. Let's connect a reporter at Jamsu Bridge in Seoul.

Reporter Kang Min-woo, what is the current situation on the Han River?


Yes, it has not rained in the Jamsu Bridge area after 9 am.

Special warnings such as heavy rain warnings in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon were lifted at 11 am, but the water level of Jamsu Bridge is still over 8m, so the Jamsu Bridge as well as the Hangang Park are completely locked.

Jamsu Bridge is the 10th day of control today (11th), and the water level, which had risen more than 9m yesterday, dropped to 6m yesterday as the rain subsided.

However, the water level has continued to rise since last night and is now at 8.4m.

The cause of the rise in the water level is also the increase in the discharge of Paldang Dam.

As rain continued last night in Seoul and northern Gyeonggi Province, the amount of discharge to Paldang Dam continued to increase from dawn.

Since 10 am earlier, the amount of discharge has been maintained at 10,000 tons per second, so there is a possibility that the water level will continue to remain in the 8m range for the time being or rise further.

The city of Seoul called for citizens' attention, saying that access control to rivers and Hangang Park is still continuing.


Yes, how about the traffic control section?


Yes, roads in downtown Seoul have been under control since the morning and are being released repeatedly.

This is the effect of the change in the water level of the Han River. Currently, the Yeoui Upstream and Yeoui Downstream crossings and Gaehwayuk Lock Gate, which lead to Olympic Highway, are under control.

However, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said this evening that the control section could be expanded at any time due to heavy rains in Seoul or northern Gyeonggi Province, or the rise of the Han River water level.

When leaving with a car, the city of Seoul advised to check the road conditions in advance on the traffic information site.