Two members of the phone financial fraud (voice phishing) organization who pretended to be employees of the Prosecutors' Office and the Financial Supervisory Service and steal enormous cash from a woman in her 50s were caught by the police.

The amount of damage amounted to a whopping 2.6 billion won.

Seoul's Seongdong Police Department announced on the 11th that he deceived a woman in her 50s and arrested one member of the telephone financial fraud gang and arrested one on charges of receiving over 2.6 billion won in cash four times from the 31st of last month. .

According to the police, on the 31st of last month, Mr. A received a text message on his mobile phone saying'Camping supplies will be delivered.'

When Mr. A, who had never bought an item, called the caller, he identified himself as an investigator at the prosecution and said, "Because he is involved in a crime and has to inspect the account, pass the money to the FSS employee."

Since then, it is said that Mr. A withdrew from a post office in Seoul several times, ranging from tens of millions of won to hundreds of millions of won, and delivered it directly to five members of the organization.

Mr. A, who delivered all 2.6 billion won in his account including his father's legacy, reported the damage to the police on the 5th of this month when contact with the members of the organization was cut off.

An official of the police said, "It seems that the members of the gang that the victim met in person are highly likely to be delivery books and collection books," and said, "We are tracking the rest of the gang members based on CCTVs around them."