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WhatsApp is about to radically change as we know it. The world's most popular instant messaging app has been kicking in for the past few months and we'll be seeing a host of new features and features designed to make our lives easier very soon .

The background among all of them is that WhatsApp is more convenient to use, less intrusive, more private and in which it is easier to find things among the amalgam of messages, photos, videos, messages and documents that we send and receive daily .

Use the same account and the same number on four mobiles and / or tablets

It has been sounding loud as a rumor for years but now we know that it is a reality. One of the most revolutionary functions of WhatsApp that will not force us to be opening and closing session if we use more than one mobile or if we want to enjoy this application on a tablet.

The function is already available to a small group of lucky people who enjoy the beta phase and in the next updates it will be incorporated to all WhatsApp users .

Specifically, this new feature that WhatsApp is testing would allow it to be used simultaneously

the function on up to four devices. This means that we can have WhatsApp open and at the same time on several mobiles or tablets.

To do this, in a similar way to what already happens with WhatsAppWeb windows, users will have an option to know which sessions they have open and on which devices, thus being able to revoke the permissions when they deem it appropriate .

In addition, WhatsApp promises to make backup copies in the cloud on a recurring basis to prevent information from being lost when using different terminals. Something that to date had been happening when we temporarily changed our WhatsApp account mobile: there was always a message, photo or video that was lost in translation .

You can learn more about this feature at this link.

Silence annoying groups forever

WhatsApp groups are one of the most annoying features of the application. Their notifications and shipments fill the memory of our mobile with garbage and sometimes do not provide relevant information.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is working on another interesting feature related to groups: the ability to silence them forever.

This is currently a beta feature, so only a few users can enjoy it. However, this is the last phase of testing before joining the catalog of official functions with its next updates .

Until now, by silencing notifications, WhatsApp allowed you to select a period of 8 hours, a week or a year. With the new feature, the one-year option will be replaced by a perpetual option, which can be undone at any time if users wish.

You can learn more about this feature at this link.

More protected messages so that they do not spy on you

WhatsApp presumes that the messages of its application are end-to-end encrypted. This means that, in theory, nobody except the sender and receiver are able to read its content. Not even WhatsApp .

However, this in practice is not so simple because most WhatsApp users have the option of making a cloud backup of their conversations selected, so they are stored in Google Drive.

Once in the cloud, conversations are vulnerable to anyone with a bit of nastiness. In this way, and in line with the function of allowing logging into several mobiles or tablets at the same time , WhatsApp is working on a method to provide an additional layer of security.

Advanced search in WhatsApp

If WhatsApp has something, it is that we exchange a constant amalgam of content with our mobiles. The large amount of information that comes in and goes out becomes a problem since it is sometimes difficult to find what we are looking for in case we have forgotten to put the star as a favorite.

That is why WhatsApp has also been working on an advanced message search function that will allow you to cross different parameters in order to find what we are really looking for.

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