Amid controversy over the mandatory installation of an operating room closed circuit (CC) TV due to surrogate surgery and medical accidents, a plastic surgery hospital built a system that allows real-time viewing of surgery scenes.

Today (10th), a plastic surgeon in Gangnam, Seoul announced that CCTV was installed in the hospital's treatment room and operating room, so that patients and their guardians could watch the surgery process if they wish.

This plastic surgery clinic explained that it would disclose all CCTV screens installed in the treatment room and operating room, and allow guardians to check the situation through a monitor in a dedicated waiting area. The Plastic Surgery Clinic said, "We will make sure that patients and their caregivers can receive medical consultation and safe surgery with more peace of mind."

This move seems to be due to the increasing public opinion in favor of the mandatory installation of CCTVs in operating rooms due to recent medical accidents.

In 2016, at a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, a patient fell into a critical condition due to excessive bleeding while a doctor was away during surgery. The nursing assistant stopped bleeding alone, and the patient was transferred to a university hospital, but eventually died. As it became known that the doctor's actions were stamped on the CCTV in the operating room at the time to prove the responsibility of the medical staff, the voice to mandate CCTV installation was gaining momentum.

As a result of a recent survey of 500 people over the age of 18 years old by Real Meter, a specialized public opinion poll, it was found that 74% of the respondents said, "I agree with the mandatory installation of CCTV in the operating room for reasons such as preventing criminal activities in the operating room and enhancing reliability." .

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(Photo = Yonhap News)