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current speed, typhoon'Rose' is expected to land on the southern coast around the afternoon of the 10th. The tension in the South Jeolla is also rising. KBC reporter Lee Sang-hwan is out in Yeosu Gukdong Port.

Reporter Lee, the typhoon is in the north. How is the current weather?


Yes. Yeosu Gukdong Port. It rained from dawn and then stopped, and now it is showing a brief lull.

Behind me, you can see the ships being transported. The fishermen finished preparing for the typhoon early, such as lowering anchors and tying ships and ships with ropes.

The weather is not strong yet, so you can see fishermen coming to the port to check the condition of the ship.

Currently, there are typhoon warnings in Geomundo, Chodo, Yeosu, Goheung, Jangheung, Wando, and Gangjin in Jeollanam-do, and heavy rain warnings in Suncheon, Gwangyang, and Gurye.

Due to the direct influence of the typhoon rose, a very strong rain of 30 to 50 mm per hour will be poured on the southern coast of Jeollanam-do and near Mount Jirisan.

From today to tomorrow, precipitation of 50-150 mm in Gwangju and Jeonnam, and over 250 mm in the vicinity of Mt.

The Meteorological Administration said that strong winds of 35 to 70 km/h would blow in Gwangju and Jeollanam-do, and asked to pay special attention to facility management.

As the ground has already been weakened by the rain that has already fallen, additional damage such as landslides and the collapse of the tower is a concern.

Local residents of Gwangju and Jeonnam, where 10 people died in recent heavy rains and 3,000 people were displaced, are eagerly hoping that the typhoon will withdraw without further damage.