• Fcinco. Criticisms of Stool for his concert at the Starlite in Marbella where no security measures were kept

Friday night, Starlite from Malaga , performs Stool . Hours later, social networks burn after the images of the performance of the Willy Bárcenas group in which the attendees are seen without keeping the safety distance, without a mask and without protective measures. The videos in which the breach of the regulations for the protection of the coronavirus is seen outrage social networks. "Not a fucking mask," Willy Bárcenas is heard saying in one of the videos , while the public goes crazy.

Faced with the commotion generated, the group posted a brief statement on Saturday afternoon in which they defend their performance, assuring that as a band "we do not participate in the organization , ticket sales, capacity control, or anything that has to do with it. with the assembly of the event ". "We limited ourselves to fulfilling our mission, which was to give a concert, respecting all the protocols that must be followed by COVID-19."

" Let us work, make music and do not waste time behind your keyboards writing from hatred and misinformation and go see the bulls, to discos, parties, bbq and other concentrations. Which by the way, are main sources of outbreaks, no concerts ", sentence the note posted on their social networks. Hours later and before a new wave of indignation, the statement disappears and it is Willy Bárcenas who posts two videos on the group's Twitter account with a completely different tone from that of the deleted statement and giving explanations of everything that happened, including the moment of "Not a fucking mask."

"The measures have been fulfilled, everyone had to go through with a mask, the safety distance was respected, we even made ourselves at the entrance, everyone who went up to the auditorium had their temperature taken to see if they had a fever and thus be able to pass During the concert and especially at the end of the concert when the euphoria of the people grows and our euphoria also after 8 months without playing, it is true that when we are singing the song Sirenas I notice and I see that many people have He lowered the mask. Hence the phrase I say of "not a fucking mask." I do it more as a reproach and not encouraging people to remove the mask, "says Willy Bárcenas .

In his videos, Bárcenas assures that he himself saw security people calling attention during the concert to those who took off the mask or did not keep the safety distance, "but when there are so many people at the end and there is that stage of euphoria to Sometimes it is difficult to control. In any case I think the way the concert was conducted was correct and in the end this depends on what people do, on the personal responsibility of each one. We all have to set an example, we first ", he concludes.

For its part, Starlite Catalana Occidente , in a statement, said that the festival "is safer than any beach or public space" and that the " rigorous security measures and protocols that they are implementing are exemplary."

From Starlite Catalana Occidente they have indicated, in a statement, that "the rigorous preventive, organizational and executive measures that the organization is following are exemplary", alluding to the mandatory mask, temperature measurement, safety distance, deep disinfection, thermodynamics applied to the construction materials used, increased humidity in the room, weekly tests on all personnel , circuits for mobility and reduced capacity.

"The measures are so extreme that even the brochures that are distributed with the poster and all the programming have been made with an antimicrobial varnish that, with natural or artificial light and oxygen, activates a sterilizing action", they have specified in the statement .

The festival, which takes place in the open air, "is much safer than any beach or public road thanks to the implementation of a security plan and unprecedented measures that go far beyond those imposed by the authorities", they have defended.

The president of the festival, Sandra García-Sanjuán , has indicated that "the virus is among us, but we have to learn to live with it, we cannot let it steal our lives".

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