All the towns of Gurye-do under the river are locked. The 5th day market was in front of me, so the owners filled the store with stuff, but this was all ruined and I was devastated. Also, not only humans but also animals who cannot speak also climbed on the roof of the barn and suffered a lot.

This is KBC reporter Park Seung-hyun.


This is Gurye, where the entire town is submerged when the bank of Seosicheon, the stem of the Seomjin River, bursts.

The muddy water that had filled up the roof of the building fell in one day, but the base of life became a large field in an instant.

[Park Mi-ja/Gurye-eup, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do: It hurts so much. I can't express how. Because the damage is so covered.] The

Gurye 5-day Market, which has more than 700 stores, is full of overflowing trash.

This is the Gurye 5-day market that was more than the height of an adult.

As the water drains overnight, this market street is reminiscent of a battlefield as if being bombed.

The household items that should be sold are washed with groundwater, but it is difficult to see if they can be reused.

[Kwon Jeong-ryul/Gurye 5-day Market Merchant: It's awful. There are plenty of things in the basement below, so it's important to know when to organize it.] As

oil overflowed from gas stations, the streets of the market became a mess of muddy water and oil.

They are mobilizing heavy equipment to recover, but it is only slow as electricity and water are cut off.

[Kim Chi-yeol/Gurye 5-day Market Merchant: I'm trying to recover. Everyone is very upset, but I can't help it.]

Farm damage is also serious.

The green house covered with muddy water had its skeleton exposed, and the crops it had grown were swept away by the water.

Some 400 pampered cattle have also died.

The cows that floated in the water and took refuge on the roof of a barn or house were in a situation where they could not go or go.

[Namsuk Paik/Livestock farmer: I need to drop the cows quickly. The cows were exhausted and angry. It went up from yesterday.] As a

typhoon in Jeollanam-do, which was devastated by a water bomb, is predicted, the troubles of the flood victims are deepening.

(Video coverage: Domin Park KBC)