There is a hot controversy over the so-called'back advertisement' that the paid advertisement was not properly marked while uploading the video recorded at the expense. Creator Ziyang, who has 2.67 million subscribers, announced the suspension of activities on the 6th when the controversy over the back advertisement arose. 

On this morning, Ziyang uploaded a video titled'I will finish the YouTube broadcast' on his YouTube channel this morning and posted a video titled "I will finish the broadcast on YouTube" and "I did not mark a few videos with advertisements. This is obviously wrong and apologizes. I give you." 

Ziyang announced that it would stop all broadcasting activities along with the apology. Ziyang explained, "I don't want to do any more broadcasting activities because I am tired of the comment culture spreading false facts such as'I secretly did back advertisements','I took tax evasion', and'Scammers', rather than scolding about my mistakes." 

The netizens who heard the news of Ziyang's retirement spread their opinions. One netizen pointed out, "I would like to mark the advertisement clearly at this opportunity. It is an act of deceives the subscribers who believe and see it. Those with influence should have been more cautious." In response to this, Ziyang said, "It's unfortunate news. I didn't show any advertisements in the early days, but I have to retire."

Back advertisement refers to hiding the advertisement without telling consumers that it is an advertisement while promoting a product by receiving a price for the advertisement from the business. 

Recently, as singer Kang Min-gyeong and stylist Han Hye-yeon were caught in the PPL controversy, a YouTube creator raised suspicion of a back advertisement in the industry.

As the controversy arose, popular creators Bok-hee Moon, Pang Yang, Hamji, Nareum TV, and Ambro apologized for the omission of advertising on their YouTube channel bulletin board. 

From the 1st of the following month, the Fair Trade Commission will implement the'Amendment to Guidelines for Display and Advertisement Review on Recommendations and Guarantees'. Accordingly, if you leave a product review with video, photo, etc. in the future, you must clearly clarify that it is a paid advertisement. 

(Composition: Jeongeun Shin, editor: Seungyeon Park)