There is a heavy rain warning in Daegu and Gyeongbuk. In some cases, a car drifted away while a person was aboard, and a rescue team urgently rescued the driver. Again, I don't know when and where the rain will pour. Wherever you are, you need to be nervous and ready.

This is TBC Seo Eun-jin.

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Sincheon flowing through downtown Daegu turns into muddy water and flows violently.

The swollen water engulfed the banks of the river, flooding the promenade trees and streetlights.

As the water fills up to the nearby roads, traffic is restricted to all sections of Sincheon Jwaan Gachang Bridge to Beomwangsa Temple, Doosan Bridge to Sangdong Bridge, and Sincheondong Road.

The green house complex in Bakgok-ri, Dalseong-gun, near the Nakdong River, has turned into a sea of ​​water.

As the river flows back, the water rises, flooding about 10 greenhouses, causing farmers to ship their crops.

[Yang Jae-suk/Green house cultivation farmers: If even a little water enters the cabbage, the roots are all rotten and cannot be used. You cannot work. All must be disposed of.] In

Daegu, where a large amount of rain of 200mm or more has fallen since yesterday, flood damage is one after another.

In the basement of a church in Naedang-dong, Daegu, water was filled up to the knees of adults, and buildings such as houses and marts were flooded, and emergency drainage work is continuing.

A wall next to the house fell and a beautiful tree fell, and restoration work was initiated.

In a river in Hyeonseo-myeon, Cheongsong, a car with a female driver was rescued by the 119 rescue team.

Local major dams, such as Andong Dam and Imha Dam, have been discharging the floodgates on the third day, resulting in the loss of Dulle-gil and bicycle lanes in the downstream area, requiring attention from nearby residents.

(Video coverage: Kim Kyung-wook TBC)