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Canon has admitted that it has recently been the target of a cyber ransomware (ransomware) attack that damaged several websites. Internally, e-mail, several applications and virtual meetings of employees of the Japanese company were affected.

The website of the US branch of the optical products giant was also hit, reports BleepingComputer . The specialized media noted that the site had undergone a complete interruption of service on July 30 and remained unavailable until Tuesday, when Canon indicated that it had suffered an "incident".

The amount of the ransom unknown

The company explains that it conducted the investigation and found the disappearance of photos and videos stored by users in the virtual space. "There was no data leak", announces Canon, which assured this Friday to have "identified the code at the origin of the incident and to have corrected it". With no technology to recover the lost images, the company offers its "sincere apologies to the users."

Maze ransomware is believed to be at the root of the problem, according to BleepingComputer . Hackers say they stole 10 terabytes of data. "Now all your files, photos, documents, databases and other important information are well encrypted by reliable algorithms." The amount of the ransom requested is not known.


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