Damage is continuing, such as flooding of some sections of the Seomjin River as torrential rains poured in the southern regions for two days. Some villagers were isolated, and trains such as KTX were stopped.

Reporter Kim Do-gyun.

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is Hwagae-myeon, Hadong-gun, Gyeongnam, located along the Seomjin River.

As the water level of the Seomjin River rises rapidly and overflows, it is difficult to tell where the river is and where the bridge is.

As the water level of the Seomjin River and surrounding rivers rises rapidly, flood damage is continuing throughout.

As roads leading to villages in the lower river region are cut off, about 60 villagers around the Imsil area, including 30 residents of Jangsan Village, Deokchi-myeon, Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do, are currently isolated.

Also, tourists who stayed at nearby pensions and guest houses were unable to escape.

The Yeongsan River Flood Control Office said that from 6:30 am today, the water level of the Seomjin River Dam was close to the planned flood level, opening the sluice gate and starting discharge.

The damage is expected to increase further as the discharge of the Seomjin River Dam floodgate continues until heavy rain.

Authorities believe that the number of isolated villages will continue to increase, and once the road has been cut off, the villagers have been advised to evacuate to high places.

Due to flooding of the track, trains between Iksan and Yeosu Expo Station on the Jeolla Line were suspended.

KORAIL announced that the train was stopped from 10 am today due to flooding of the track from Dongsan to Jeonju and the rise in the water level of the bridge from Gokseong to Yalu Station.

Accordingly, all trains on the Jeolla Line will run only from Yongsan Station to Iksan Station.

KORAIL explained that as soon as the rain stops and the water drains, recovery personnel will be put in, and the current timing of restarting operation is unknown.